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Our quality guarantee.

We are committed to deliver outstanding Japanese Matcha, crafted by devoted farmers that continue to grow, process and masterfully blend their tea following strict traditional methods.

We strive to deliver a quality product that can be appreciated by all tea enthusiasts.

Roberto Filitti, Founder.

Handmade Matcha Bowls

A series of unique handmade Chawan by Japanese potter Chicaco Smith.


Matcha: Japanese excellence in tea craftsmanship

Growing and crafting Premium Matcha green tea powder requires enormous effort, knowledge and attentive care. Made from the finest, young and softest shade-grown tea leaves following traditional methods, producing high-grade Matcha is a true work of art that involves a lot of patience, passion and attention to details in each and every step of the process.

It is good to know that when it comes to Matcha the spectrum of quality available on the market is extremely broad. We may say that it is nearly as broad as the one of wine, and the fast-increasing demand of industrial-grade Matcha all around the world is pushing a lot of tea farmers to increase production, which often means moving away from traditional methods leading to a drop in quality.

One of our missions at Zen Wonders is to support Japanese artisans that are committed to preserve their precious old-school methods that give birth to the true uncompromising taste of authentic Japanese Matcha in its multitude and sophistication of flavour.  

From world-class Ceremonial Grades for the tea enthusiasts that are curious to experience the delicacy and fragrance of pure Matcha tea, to more robust and full-bodied Culinary Grades ideal for passionate home-bakers and industry professionals that combine Matcha into foods, we provide what best suits your needs.

A bowl of Matcha is a moment of appreciation, a chance to slow down and connect with our surroundings...

Discover the 4 principles of Chado

Chado is a traditional Japanese ritual and therapeutical practice centred around the preparation of Matcha with a strong emphasis on mindfulness, flow of movement and appreciation.

Buy Online High Quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea Australia

The true taste of Japanese tea in Australia through our premium Matcha blends.

Blog posts

A brief guide on how to choose and buy a quality Matcha Green Tea.

A brief guide on how to choose and buy a quality Matcha Green Tea.

Authentic Matcha green tea should be grown and ground in Japan. Over nearly a thousand years Japanese farmers have perfected their growing and pro...
10 Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea

10 Health Benefits of Japanese Matcha Green Tea

If you're drinking Matcha on a daily basis you are most likely aware of the multiple health benefits that this unique Japanese green tea powder ha...
The hidden power of a bowl of Matcha.

The hidden power of a bowl of Matcha.

In the busyness of our everyday lives, we often find ourselves caught up between to-do-lists, tight schedules, places to be or phone calls to make...

It's precious.

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