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Matcha: Japanese excellence in tea craftsmanship

Matcha green tea powder of a premium quality requires enormous effort and skills to be crafted. Made from the finest tea leaves following traditional methods that require patience, passion and attentive care, producing high quality green tea powder is a true work of art.

To buy premium Matcha green tea in Australia can be a tricky task considering the broad range of industrial grades available in Japan, so by sharing one of the things in life that we love the most we have decided to make it easy for all the tea enthusiasts that are curious to experience the delicacy and fragrance of true high grade Japanese Matcha green tea to find what they are looking for, at the tips of their fingers.

A bowl of appreciation.


I've been using Yukiro Ceremonial grade Matcha from Zen Wonders for the past year. It has a delightful balance of a fine rich taste, smooth texture and beckoning aroma. I highly recommend it.

Allan "SOHA" Halyk. Urasenke Chado Sensei Tea Master - Hobart, TAS.

Zen Wonders supplies King Castella with top grade Culinary Matcha imported from Japan. The quality is superb and it really allows our Matcha flavoured cream and Castellas to deliver the experience we and our customers expect. Thank you!

Frederick Chuang - King Castella Bakery

A bowl of Matcha is a moment of appreciation, a chance to slow down and connect with our surroundings...

Discover the 4 principles of Chado

Chado is a traditional Japanese ritual and therapeutical practice centred around the preparation of Matcha with a strong emphasis on mindfulness, flow of movement and appreciation.

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A brief guide on how to choose and buy a quality Matcha Green Tea.

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The hidden power of a bowl of Matcha.

The hidden power of a bowl of Matcha.

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It's precious.

Store it well.