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About us

Thank you for visiting our store. 

My name is Roberto and I'm the founder of Zen Wonders. I wear many hats here, and I live and breathe my business every day. It's likely that I packed your order, answered to your email, spoke to you via phone and created the online ad that you may have seen.

I relocated from Italy to Australia in 2011, and after becoming obsessed with high-grade Matcha I decided to share it.

Zen Wonders was born in 2015, upon realising that the act of whisking and savouring a bowl of high-grade Matcha was not only a tasteful experience, but also a ritual that gave me so much enthusiasm and curiosity. I found myself looking forward to that moment of the day over and over again.

Preparing a bowl felt so special and unique for me, and shortly after trying real Matcha for the first time I started digging deeper to know more.

I became curious about Matcha growing and processing methods, how its flavour is directly linked to the age and quality of tea leaves used to produce it, and how different terroirs and regions give unique flavour profiles to the tea.

My connection with Matcha became deeper when I learned more about Chado (The Way Of Tea), the ceremonial practice of preparing and sharing a bowl of Matcha that in Japan symbolises beautiful values of unity, harmony, purity and respect.

Attending a few tea ceremonies allowed me to experienced a beautiful sense of peace while witnessing the calm, mindful and collected way in which each bowl of Matcha was prepared, and after each gathering I noticed how these feelings extended way past the tea room, becoming an integrated part of my living.

All of this is very fascinating to me, and whisking a bowl of Matcha became an essential part of my days, a treat for the taste buds and a moment of collected mindfulness.

Through some precious connections that I developed during my travels I started trying several grades of Matcha from renowned Japanese producers located across different regions.

I realised right away that the quality spectrum of Matcha, even within the Japanese domestic market, is extremely broad and complex. 

Fast forward to 2020, we are now sourcing Matcha, Japanese Green Tea and Tea wares from over 10 producers across Japan, and supply a growing number of Australian and overseas businesses, as well as a beautiful community of online customers –– all of which I am extremely grateful for.

Our intention was, and still is, very simple: to share with our customers the deep sense of appreciation that we experience when savouring fresh, authentic Japanese tea and its delicious flavour.

I hope you enjoy our products.

- Roberto


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