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About us



Zen Wonders partners with passionate family-owned farms located across specific regions of Japan (Uji and Kagoshima) to source, curate and deliver outstandingly fresh Japanese Matcha to your home.

Our intention is to share with the world the pleasure and deep sense of appreciation that we experience when savouring fresh, authentic, high-quality Japanese Matcha and its intricate sophisticated flavours.

We are fully committed to quality, the type of quality that can only be obtained through the incredible ongoing effort that our Japanese artisans invest on a daily basis to perfect their craft. Skills and knowledge that have been passed down for generations through centuries of trial and error experimentation, acquired wisdom and, most importantly, devotion. (See the process here)

Our mission is to honour all of that by fully immersing our senses into the flavours of Premium Japanese Tea, staying loyal to the traditional way while also cultivating open-mindedness towards what's ahead of us.




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