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Shizen | Organic Culinary Matcha - Zen Wonders Tea
Shizen | Organic Culinary Matcha - Zen Wonders Tea

Shizen | Organic Culinary Matcha

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Shizen is our Organic Culinary blend that has been developed, together with our blend Taishiro, to define a new standard within the Culinary/Cooking Matcha industry.

Despite the difficulties and increased efforts required in the production of high quality Organic Matcha, this rich and robust Matcha showcases an outstanding vivid spring green colour and a sweet Matcha fragrance that makes it ideal for all sorts of recipes.

Grown following the strict regulations set by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards of Organic Products) , Shizen is suited to all those looking for a Certified Organic Culinary grade Matcha.

Flavour profile: Robust and full-bodied with moderate bitterness.

Colour: Spring Green

Harvest: Produced by blending selected tea leaves have been picked during the first and second harvest of the season.

Origin: Kagoshima (Japan)

Suggested use: Matcha latte, iced Matcha, smoothies, breakfast bowls, juices, ice cream, pancakes or to many of your baking creations.

50g | 50 Serves

For more specifications on all our grades please refer to our Grades Chart.

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