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The hidden power of a bowl of Matcha.

In the busyness of our everyday lives, we often find ourselves caught up between to-do-lists, tight schedules, places to be or phone calls to make – and the list goes on. Creating rituals and cut out some quiet time for a simple bowl of Matcha can have multiple benefits on our mental and physical health. By intentionally associating the whole act of preparing tea with a private or shared moment of calm, peace, tranquility and a sense of space we can soon realise that the benefits gained from the few minutes that we invest into this practice extend much further than the physical nutritional ones of the tea itself.

Appreciating the fresh aroma of your Matcha, gently transferring the desired amount into your bowl, listening to the sound of water being poured over the green powder and briefly whisking the brew back forth until froth forms are all simple elements that have the power to narrow our focus onto what is happening here and now, creating space and a sense of calm that can stay with us throughout the day long after our bowl of tea.



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