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YUKIRO Premium Ceremonial Matcha
YUKIRO Premium Ceremonial Matcha - Zen Wonders Tea
YUKIRO Premium Ceremonial Matcha

YUKIRO Premium Ceremonial Matcha

30g tin / 100g bag

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We recommend this Matcha for:

  • Koicha (strong, thick tea)
  • Usucha (traditional Matcha tea)
  • Cold Brew Matcha

YUKIRO is our finest Ceremonial Grade Uji Matcha. 

Produced in small batches from young and tender tea leaves that lack of any astringent flavour, YUKIRO brews a gentle and sweet liquor that slowly unveils a surprising complexity: initial notes of young peas and green sprouts give way to nutty, roasted undertones that turn into a savoury, marine-like finish of lingering Umami. 

We are proud to be offering this rare artisanal Matcha that has been blended in collaboration with Mr. Morita Haruhide - a highly respected Kyoto Tea Master and Blender that has been awarded countless titles and appraisals, including a 9th level Tea Master dan that is held by only a handful of Japanese.

We suggest brewing our YUKIRO with a ratio of 2g Matcha to 60ml of water, meaning that your brew will be rich and intense, fully expressing the subtle and complex flavours of this Matcha.

We tested the L-Theanine levels of this Matcha, which shows an outstanding count of 26.7 mg/g (6x higher than average commercial-grade Matcha). Tested by APAF Australian Proteome Analysis Facility at Macquarie University.

  • Flavour profile: Yukiro is a sweet, refined Matcha with beckoning floral notes, nutty and savoury undertones and a long finish of lingering Umami.
  • Harvest & Growth: 1st flush (spring) / shade-grown for 30 days / hand-picked
  • Origin: Grown and hand-picked in Uji, Kyoto.

Storage: Seal package immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, moisture, and strong odours.

Preparing this Matcha using our Chasen Bamboo Whisk would allow optimal aeration and mixing of the powder, creating a smoother and creamier brew.

For more specifications on all our grades please refer to our Grades Chart.


Usucha (traditional hot Matcha tea)

    1. Sift 2g of Matcha into a bowl
    2. Wet with 20ml of 80°C water and knead into a paste using a Bamboo Whisk
    3. Add more water (50ml) and briskly whisk back and forth until a fine layer of froth forms on the top.
    4. Drink immediately.

      Koicha (thick Matcha tea)

        1. Sift 4g of Matcha into a bowl
        2. Add 30-40ml of 80°C water and knead into a paste using a Bamboo Whisk
        3. Adjust consistency to taste and consume as is, without whisking into a frothy brew.
        4. Upon sipping, roll the liquor around the palate to allow a full appreciation of its subtle and complex notes.

        Coldbrew Iced Matcha

          1. Sift 2g of Matcha into a shaker filled with 250ml of water
          2. Add sweetness (optional) and shake well.
          3. Place a few ice cubes into a glass and pour your Matcha over ice.
          4. Enjoy your Coldbrew Iced Matcha.


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