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Ceremonial Matcha Tasting Pack

Ceremonial Matcha Tasting Pack

3x30g tin

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A great way to taste our range of Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

Our tasting pack contains 3x30g tins, one of each Ceremonial blend:

HANAE from Uji, Kyoto (see full product profile here)

HARUNA (Organic) from Kagoshima (see full product profile here)

YUKIRO from Uji, Kyoto (see full product profile here)

Storage: Seal package immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, moisture, and strong odours.

We recommend preparing this Matcha using our Handcrafted Bamboo Whisk for better aeration of the tea resulting in a creamy texture.

For more specifications on all our grades please refer to our Grades Chart.

We recommend this Ceremonial grade for:

Usu-Cha (traditional hot Matcha tea):
    1. Sift 2g of Matcha into a bowl
    2. Wet with 20ml of 80°C water and knead into a paste using a Bamboo Whisk
    3. Add more water (50ml) and briskly whisk back and forth until a fine layer of froth forms on the top.
    4. Drink immediately.
    Coldbrew Iced Matcha
      1. Sift 2g of Matcha into a shaker filled with 250ml of water
      2. Add sweetness (optional) and shake well.
      3. Place a few ice cubes into a glass and pour your Matcha over ice.
      4. Enjoy your Coldbrew Iced Matcha


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