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KOHIKI Matcha | 1kg Premium Culinary Grade - Zen Wonders Tea
KOHIKI Matcha | 1kg Premium Culinary Grade - Zen Wonders Tea

KOHIKI Matcha | 1kg Premium Culinary Grade

From Uji, Kyoto

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KOHIKI is our Premium Culinary Matcha blend, packed in cost-effective 1kg wholesale bags (see more 1kg options here)

Please consider our retail collections for higher grades and small-sized packaging:

The intense fragrance and bright green colour of our KOHIKI make this blend ideal for premium latte drinks, cold brew, cocktails and high-end patisserie.

Produced with tea leaves that have been picked during the first harvest of the season, this premium culinary blend showcases a beautiful bright green hue, a sweet fresh fragrance and a very light astringency.

Flavour profile: Robust and full-bodied with sweet undertones, strong Matcha fragrance and a light astringency.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage: Seal pouch immediately after use and store in a cool dry place, away from moisture and strong odors. 

Also available in 50g bags here.

If you're purchasing this bag for your home or for business use, we recommend opting for one of our Biophotonic Glass Jars for optimal storage and practical everyday use. Transferring small amounts of powder into a jar minimizes its exposure to oxygen and increases the shelf life of the tea.

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