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WAKOCHA 01 | Japanese Black Tea - Zen Wonders Tea
WAKOCHA 01 | Japanese Black Tea - Zen Wonders Tea

WAKOCHA 01 | Japanese Black Tea

50g bag

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WAKOCHA 01 is the first Japanese Black Tea of our collection.

When our producer offered us a sample of this Benifuuki Cultivar fermented tea we weren’t expecting to fall in love with it right away.

When brewed light, this tea brews a smooth, malty liquor with notes of ripe fruits, cinnamon and brown sugar.

When brewed quite strong, a more commonly bitter and tannin-rich flavour profile develops, making it suitable for those who prefer to add milk to their black tea.

Overall a very enjoyable winter warmer that tastes delicious on its own, and that will likely convert those who thought that black teas are all about a heavy and tannin-rich body.

The leaves can endure 3+ steeps, offering exceptional value.

Flavour profile: Rich, smooth and malty with notes of dark fruits, cinnamon and a sweet aftertaste.

Origin: Kagoshima (Japan)

Hot Wakocha Tea:

    1. Place 4g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
    2. Pour 200ml of 90°C water
    3. Infuse for 60 sec.
    4. Repeat 2-3 times. Adjust brewing parameters according to taste.

    Note: If brewed for multiple guests pour tea little by little in each cup to evenly distribute the flavour. Most of the flavour will be collected at the bottom of the teapot, so the initial pour will be lighter and become stronger towards the end of the pour.



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