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Matcha Tea Sifter - Zen Wonders Tea
Matcha Tea Sifter - Zen Wonders Tea

Matcha Tea Sifter

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When preparing Matcha tea in the traditional way (Usucha or Koicha) sifting the powder before adding hot water is a very important step

In fact, the tiny little particles of fresh Matcha tend to stick to each other (being electrostatically charged) creating little lumps.

If these lumps are not dispersed properly through a fine mesh sifter they can decrease the amount of froth developed in your brew as well as being very unpleasant in the mouth while drinking your tea.

Our Sifter has been created with a very fine mesh that will help you break any lump in your Matcha, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and mellow brew with a greater amount of froth.

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