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SHIN KAZUHO Chasen by Tango Tanimura CHASEN Tango Tanimura "Shin" | Buy Japanese Bamboo Whisk Australia Made in Japan
SHIN KAZUHO Chasen by Tango Tanimura - Zen Wonders Tea

SHIN KAZUHO Chasen by Tango Tanimura

Made in Japan

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Handmade in the village of Takayama, Nara, Tango Tanimura's Chasen carry on an intricate 500-year-old family tradition of master craftsmen.

As the 20th-generation successor of his Chasen-making family line, Tango Tanimura handcrafts his whisks with a strong focus on its user, aiming to strike a perfect balance of flexibility (achieved by carving very thin prongs) and durability, given by selecting sturdy high-quality bamboo.

Tango Tanimura's Chasen are used by the grandmasters of 2 of the 3 most famous family tea schools in Japan, Urasenke and Mushanokojisenke.

The SHIN KAZUHO Chasen is a great all-purpose whisk, made from a single piece of white Hachiku bamboo harvested in the Kansai region and seasoned for 3 years, meticulously hand-crafted and split into 140 pieces to make a whisk with 70 prongs.

Care and storage notes:

  • Soak whisk's prongs in cold water for 2 minutes before its first use.
  • Rinse the whisk after each use and carefully pat dry before storing it away.
  • For better preservation of the prongs' quality, we recommend storing it on our whisk holder in order to keep its wide shape.
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