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Chasen Tango Tanimura - Zen Wonders Tea

Chasen Tango Tanimura

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This Chasen is handmade in the village of Takayama, Nara, by a very renown Japanese artisan named Tango Tanimura.
Tango Tanimura is the latest descendent of the most famous Chasen making family in Japan, who has been making Chasen for 20 generations (over 500 years) and their method has never changed over time.
His Chasen are used by the grand masters of 2 of the 3 famous family tea schools in Japan, Ura Senke and Mushanokoji Senke.
Each Chasen is made from a single piece of white bamboo harvested in the Kansai region and seasoned for 3 years, meticolously hand-crafted and the split into 140 pieces to make a whisk with 70 prongs.

Care & storage notes:

  • Soak whisk's prongs in cold water for 2 minutes before its first use.
  • Rinse the whisk after each use and carefully pat dry before storing it away.
  • For better preservation of the prongs' quality we recommend to store your whisk on our Whisk Holder in order to keep its wide shape.

Please note: for better preservation of you Whisk’s quality we recommend to store it on our Whisk Holder in order to keep its wide shape.

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