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Our Story

Zen Wonders was born with a simple and clear intention: to share with as many people as possible the sophisticated delicacy of true high grade Japanese Matcha.
I first experienced quality loose-leaf green tea a few years back during a trip to Sri Lanka, home of green and black tea, where I became familiar with the delicious flavour and well known health benefits of this humble leaf.
Back then I took home with me a few kg of green tea and started having it on a regular basis and, over time, my interest towards tea started to expand, leading me to try, learn and research more about all the different varieties and processing methods that give birth to the hundreds of different types of teas produced around the world.
But it was only a year later in April 2014, when a dear Japanese friend of mine gifted me some true Ceremonial grade Artisanal quality Matcha that, I can now say, my life changed.

I still remember clearly the feeling that I experienced the day that I cut open that pouch of extremely fresh, fragrant and vivid green Matcha. It had an aroma that I couldn't quite link to any other tea I had before, it had such a complex depth to it that my senses were completely hypnotised by its unique character.

When it was time to turn that lively powder into a tea for my first time, I was very excited and fascinated by the aesthetics of the unique handcrafted tools that came with my gift, a Chasen (Bamboo Whisk), a Chashaku (Bamboo Spoon) and a Chawan (Matcha Bowl). I felt like I was holding into my hands something extremely precious that carried years of refined craftsmanship and dedication in order to serve their purpose.

Witnessing the powder being whisked into a frothy and creamy brew kept me entertained beyond words, similar to what a magic trick does to a little kid. When it was time to finally taste the brew, I felt like I was about to swallow something truly precious, and the taste of the beverage marked another unforgettable experience for me. It was rich but mellow at the same time, starting with a gentle vegetal and earthy flavour that soon after evolved into a mix of light roasted notes with a long lingering finish of sweet Umami.

Whisking Matcha literally began my favourite ritual of the day, and I naturally started to be drawn to investigate and learn more about this tea. The amazing taste characteristics found even more meaning once I discovered how meticulous the growing and processing methods of true Artisanal Matcha are.

Then I discovered about the whole Ceremonial practice that has been developed over the centuries around Matcha and the 4 principles of Chado (which means The Way Of Tea in Japanese) which are Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility. Once all these elements came together, the pleasant taste of Matcha, the complexity behind its production and the devotion that the Japanese culture has towards this beverage, quality Matcha became a way of living for me, and I needed to share that beyond the walls of my home. 



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