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GYOKURO 01 | Shade-Grown Green Tea - Zen Wonders Tea
GYOKURO 01 | Shade-Grown Green Tea - Zen Wonders Tea

GYOKURO 01 | Shade-Grown Green Tea

50g bag

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This affordable Uji Gyokuro brews a rich and thick liquor with a prominent oceanic taste, mild natural sweetness and a beautiful fragrance of fresh greens.

Gyokuro, also known as "shaded tea", is widely considered to be Japan's finest tea for its refined sweet taste, and we introduced this affordable blend as an entry-level Gyokuro for everyday brewing.

To produce Gyokuro, tea plants are covered with thick blankets and grown under the shade for 20 days before the harvest (the same technique used to produce Matcha) to preserve high levels of L-Theanine in the leaves (known to give a unique sweet fragrance) and reduce the production of Catechins (known to release astringency and bitterness).

Our Gyokuro is produced using tea leaves picked during the first flush of the season (Ichiban Cha) in Uji, Kyoto.

Flavour profile: Rich body, with marine-like notes, light Umami taste and strong fragrance of fresh greens.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto (Japan)

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Hot Gyokuro Tea:

    1. Place 5g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
    2. Pour 150ml of 65°C water
    3. Infuse for 120 sec.
    4. Repeat 2-3 times and adjust parameters according to taste.

    Note: If brewed for multiple guests pour tea little by little in each cup to evenly distribute the flavour. Most of the flavour will be collected at the bottom of the teapot, so the initial pour will be lighter and become stronger towards the end of the pour.

      Cold Brew Gyokuro:

      1. Place 5-6g of leaves into a large Kyusu or glass bottle.
      2. Pour 500ml of cool water (room temperature or refrigerated water) into the teapot or glass bottle
      3. Place teapot or glass bottle in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.
      4. Gently shake the brewing vessel before pouring the tea into the cup/glass.

      Flash Chilled Gyokuro:

      1. Place 5g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
      2. Pour 200ml of 65°C water
      3. Infuse for 3-4 minutes (in this case the infusion time is longer to increase its flavour, as the hot tea will be then poured over ice and be diluted)
      4. Pour hot tea from the Kyusu into a glass/cup filled with ice cubes (alternating the pour if brewed for multiple guests).

      Iced Brew Gyokuro:

        1. Place 5g of leaves into a medium-size Kyusu (teapot)
        2. Fill up the Kyusu with ice cubes
        3. Let ice thaw at room temperature
        4. When the ice is fully thawed, pour into teacups (alternating the pour if brewed for multiple guests).


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