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ORGANIC HOJICHA 01 | Roasted Green Tea Organic Hojicha Tea |  Japanese Roasted Green Tea Australia 50g bag

ORGANIC HOJICHA 01 | Roasted Green Tea

50g bag

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Our Organic Hojicha tea is made by roasting tea leaves from the second harvest of the season (Nibancha).

The leaves have undergone a medium/dark roast and brew a rich and flavourful brew that bursts with roasted notes.

The taste of the tea is rich and warm, making it one of the most popular and appreciated tea in and outside of Japan.

Due to being roasted, Hojicha contains low levels of caffeine and it's ideal for late-afternoon or evening brews.

This Hojicha is in whole-leaf form. If you are looking for Hojicha powder please click here.

Flavour profile: Rich and warm with intense roasted fragrance and a nutty aftertaste.

Origin: Kagoshima.

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We recommend Hojicha for:

Hot Hojicha Tea:

    1. Place 3-4g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
    2. Pour 200ml of 95°C water
    3. Infuse for 60 sec.
    4. Repeat 2-3 times. Adjust brewing parameters according to taste.

    Note: If brewed for multiple guests pour tea little by little in each cup to evenly distribute the flavour. Most of the flavour will be collected at the bottom of the teapot, so the initial pour will be lighter and become stronger towards the end of the pour.

      Cold Brew Hojicha:

      1. Place 3-4g of leaves into a large Kyusu or glass bottle.
      2. Pour 500ml of cool water (room temperature or refrigerated water) into the teapot or glass bottle
      3. Place teapot or glass bottle in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.
      4. Gently shake the brewing vessel before pouring the tea into the cup/glass.

      Flash Chilled Hojicha:

      1. Place 3-4g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
      2. Pour 200ml of 95°C water
      3. Infuse for 3 minutes (in this case the infusion time is longer to increase its flavour, as the hot tea will be then poured over ice and be diluted)
      4. Pour hot tea from the Kyusu into a glass/cup filled with ice cubes (alternating the pour if brewed for multiple guests).


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