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SHINCHA 03 | Kyushu Saemidori x Yabukita Sencha SHINCHA 03 Saemidori x Yabukita | Buy Japanese Green Tea in Australia 50g bag 50g bag

SHINCHA 03 | Kagoshima Yutakamidori Sencha

50g bag

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Shincha, simply put, is the very first tea harvested each spring season. It's not only an introduction of what's to come, but also a celebration of fresh and highly aromatic tea that captures the fleeting essence of spring.

Our 2022 Shincha 03 is a deeply floral 100% Yutakamidori cultivar from the Kagoshima prefecture.

The fine leaves of this tea brew a thick bright liquor that bursts with intoxicating floral notes, which you can already appreciate from the aroma of the dry leaves. The tea has also an interesting and deeper roasted character that complements the sharp floral notes very well. A perfect example of a highly aromatic spring Sencha

The fresh aromas of Shincha will inevitably fade over time, no matter how well the tea is stored, so we suggest enjoying it while fresh.

Flavour profile: Full body and floral with light roasted notes

Origin: Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

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Hot Shincha:

    1. Place 5g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
    2. Pour 150ml of 75°C water
    3. Infuse for 90 sec.
    4. Repeat 2-3 times. Adjust brewing parameters according to taste.

    Note: If brewed for multiple guests pour tea little by little in each cup to evenly distribute the flavour. Most of the flavour will be collected at the bottom of the teapot, so the initial pour will be lighter and become stronger towards the end of the pour.

      Cold Brew Shincha:

      1. Place 5g of leaves into a large Kyusu or glass bottle.
      2. Pour 500ml of cool water (room temperature or refrigerated water) into the teapot or glass bottle
      3. Place teapot or glass bottle in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours.
      4. Gently shake the brewing vessel before pouring the tea into the cup/glass.

      Flash Chilled Shincha:

      1. Place 5g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
      2. Pour 200ml of 75°C water
      3. Infuse for 3 minutes (in this case the infusion time is longer to increase its flavour, as the hot tea will be then poured over ice and be diluted)
      4. Pour hot tea from the Kyusu into a glass/cup filled with ice cubes (alternating the pour if brewed for multiple guests).

      Iced Brew Shincha:

        1. Place 5g of leaves into a Kyusu (teapot)
        2. Fill up the Kyusu with ice cubes
        3. Let ice thaw at room temperature
        4. When the ice is fully thawed, pour into teacups (alternating the pour if brewed for multiple guests).


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