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Matcha Chocolate Block - Zen Wonders Tea
Matcha Chocolate Block - Zen Wonders Tea

Matcha Chocolate Block

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Funky shaped artisan chocolate blocks made from Premium Couverture Dark Chocolate by Sydney-based Bakedown Cakery, enriched with our Uji Matcha.

The Matcha taste in this block is quite subtle, underlined by the prominent and stronger cocoa notes of this 54% Dark Chocolate.

Each block is hand tempered and decorated, which means no two blocks are the same (approximately 110-120g)

NB: Chocolates are best stored in a cool, dark and dry place and should never be placed in the refrigerator! Improper storage can affect the texture and taste of the chocolates. Please use your own discretion when ordering for postage during the hotter seasons, as we do not take responsibility for any melting due to the weather.

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